Silver City

For the month of February Brod had a rotation in Silver City, NM which is in the SW corner of the state, and of course the girls and I went with him! It is a chapter of life Brod and I will always look at each other, smile, and shake our heads about. We were able to have some adventures while we were there such as hiking through Whitewater Canyon, riding horses to see the petraglyphs, and going for the most beautiful drive through the mountains to see the old Indian Cave dwellings.

Our house that we stayed in (or should I say our Pueblo)
Our 3.5 mile hike through Whitewater canyon- it was amazing
I HAD to put this picture in- Audrey did not want to get in the picture! :)

We made it to the end!
We ate our picnic before turning back

Hiking up to the petraglyphs

There's the Indian carving in the rock!

Our favorite little Mexican restaurant
The most darling little general store out in the middle of nowhere!

The park the girls went to everyday that it was nice outside
I walked into the room, and everyone was already snuggled up and asleep!

Our time with family over the Holidays

Elizabeth's baby blessing
The girls' favorite playmates when we were at Grandma Andrus' house!!
The master pianist herself teaching Audrey her first lesson

Alexia wants to take piano lessons now!

Whitney's 15th birthday

We rocked out before bed!
Our time with Great Grandpa Atwood

The totally handsome Atwood boys :)
I love Benny!!

Swimming with cousins

Steve and Colette with all of their grandchildren

Audrey loves her Grandpa
We went on a sleigh ride in Arco

Of course Audrey had to hold the reigns!
Grandma and her girls
Snuggled up!
Bryce has an alumni tournament this time every year, and it's always something we look forward to!
I LOVE my sister Whitney!
We are always so proud of Bryce! His team even won the championship!!

9 years married to the man of my dreams
Audrey obviously had fun in the dress up box ;)
Audrey and Joshua
They had so much fun together this year!
Ezra's baby blessing