Silver City

For the month of February Brod had a rotation in Silver City, NM which is in the SW corner of the state, and of course the girls and I went with him! It is a chapter of life Brod and I will always look at each other, smile, and shake our heads about. We were able to have some adventures while we were there such as hiking through Whitewater Canyon, riding horses to see the petraglyphs, and going for the most beautiful drive through the mountains to see the old Indian Cave dwellings.

Our house that we stayed in (or should I say our Pueblo)
Our 3.5 mile hike through Whitewater canyon- it was amazing
I HAD to put this picture in- Audrey did not want to get in the picture! :)

We made it to the end!
We ate our picnic before turning back

Hiking up to the petraglyphs

There's the Indian carving in the rock!

Our favorite little Mexican restaurant
The most darling little general store out in the middle of nowhere!

The park the girls went to everyday that it was nice outside
I walked into the room, and everyone was already snuggled up and asleep!


Broadbent Family said...

Looks like a fun adventure...but then again--what adventure isn't fun with YOU Jess! I just love your family. I miss you guys. Did you get my text?

Love fun to check in!

the reilly's said...

Jess it looks that was such an adventure. How fun!! I hope it was the relaxing and needed time you were hoping for. I love the picture of the "Post Vacation Center." What fun memories. I want to see a pic a Chance. I hope you are doing well. Sure love you. Jill told me that Brod is interviewing in I.F. You should let me know how everything goes. Tell him good luck as well. And of course, your family is darling!!!!

Jennifer Payne said...

Wow! Such an adventure. The hike looked really really pretty and I love how Aud didn't want her picture taken. So cute! The horses looked like a blast and these are memories you will have forever. Especially now that you are done with it:)! Love you!

Felder Funnies said...

So cute-- love the picture of Daddy sleeping with girls! It must be a daddy thing because Paige has Chris wrapped around her pretty little finger!! You guys are adorable.

Rebekah said...

Of course you found an adventure...even in silver city! you always do such adventuresome things! I loved that picture of audrey when she didnt want the picture, she is such a spunky little stinker! and that final pictuer of brod with the girls is so precious, just your little family:) its been so fun spending time with you!
love you,

Andrea Turnbull said...

Jess, I was so happy to see pictures of everything you've told me about! Your hike looked amazing. And I loved that precious picture or Brod and the girls curled up asleep. You are so amazing to capture it all! It will be so fun to have you even closer in a few weeks!

Love you trueness!!!

cambersue said...

Hey, where the heck are you guys? My phone drowned and so I don't have your phone number need to call me! Where are you headed, where's brodie working, How are the girls, how are YOU? We're going to mIssissippi for an AEGD after all, Jerry finally decided to apply late and everything has fallen into place beautifully...and miraculously. Hope you're doing great! I'd love to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

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Angie said...

Hey Jess!!! I hear you might be coming to Idaho Falls soon.I miss you! If you would like give me a call and we could plan a time to hang out or something. Let out families meet. I love you!! Hope you are doing soooo well!! Love you. Ang208-360-7572

XOXO Dr. Kay Elizabeth said...

That looks like an awesome adventure! I hope you all enjoyed it and beautiful family BTW :)

Me :) said...

I miss your blog posts : ( I saw Brodie's office pics on FB. WOW! It is beautiful! I am so happy for your family!

Andrea and Seth said...

Jessica!!! How are you? I ran across your blog by accident (on someone else's blog and saw yours) but I am so glad I did. I was thinking about you and your family the other day actually wondering how you are and what you are up to. I can't believe how grown up your girls are...and beautiful! What are you up to these days? I don't have a blog but I am on facebook. I don't know if you are or not. My email is I would love to hear from you sometime. Hope you are doing well.
Andrea Salima

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